Brand Identity In A Weekend​

Unlock Your Brand's Potential in Just One Week

Are you itching to bring your business idea to life, but struggling to figure out where to start? In this hands-on workshop, you'll craft the marketing materials you need to establish your professional identity and authority, setting the stage to generating your first $1,000 USD with your new business.

Nimble Technology courses - The Storyteller's Method of Brand Identity with Hannah Smythe Meyers
90 minutes
By the end of this course, you'll have your...
Harmonious color palette
Signature fonts that speak your brand's language
Polished, cohesive logo that visually communicates your brand values
Precise assets for web developers
Professional materials for business cards, letterhead, and signage
Is this course right for me?

If you've landed on this page, chances are...

You're stuck in the ideating stage

You have an idea for a business, but haven't found the ingredient to kickstart it

You plan to launch website sometime in the near future...

...and are looking to save time and money in the process while still ensuring the best quality

You're worried about what others will think

How will people respond when you launch your new business? How will you grow it? How will you spread the word?

You're getting ready to put yourself out there

This is something new! It's exciting but you're also nervous

You have a clear idea for a business or service in mind

But you're not 100% sure yet how to build it and you need to start taking the first steps so you can...get started

You want someone to guide you

But also want to maintain independence, control and flexibility in your business.

Let's get your idea out of your head and onto your screen.

Save Time & Money

Save 3-6 weeks and hundreds or even thousands of dollars on designing & developing your website and creating your marketing materials

Empower Your Independence

Establish your full ownership and control over your brand materials, enabling easy adjustments and enhancements as your business flourishes

Get This Off Your Plate

Prepare your business for launch within a week

Get ready to connect with your target audience or customers before you even say a word

With Brand Identity in a Weekend, your brand will visually communicate your brand values to your audience within the first 5 seconds of their interaction. Your brand will:


Connect with your target audience and customers


Articulate your brand's values, the narrative behind your products and services, and their distinctiveness

Make Sales

Convert with the authority and professional polish of a cohesive visual identity

Hannah Smythe Meyers headshot

About The Creator

I’m Hannah Smythe Meyers, the creator of Brand Identity In A Weekend. After running an international web design & development agency for 6 years, I created this course to give students a strong foundation in simple, straightforward, powerful & polished design strategies. You can leverage these skills to make the next steps in building your website, sales, marketing & advertising strategies So. Much. Smoother.

So, how does Brand Identity In A Weekend work, you ask?

Give Voice to Your Brand Through Visuals

This course is your blueprint for building your company's identity and messaging via storytelling. I'll walk you step-by-step through how to connect with your target audience and customers and visually communicate the story of your company's values, products and services.


Part 1: Tastemaking

Learn how to discern you’re on the right track. You’ll discover:

How to tell when things "look right"
How to cultivate taste and identify what makes a good logo and a strong brand identity
Visually define your brand values and value proposition

Feel confident launching and clearly expressing what defines your business and sets you apart


Part 2: Hands-On

Watching over my shoulder, I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to:

Create a compelling color palette
Select signature fonts that resonate with your brand
Design an impactful logo

Create a favicon for your website


Package your files for seamless handoff to web designers or developers


Utilize your design assets across websites, business cards, posters, signage, and more


Part 3: Launch Your Business

This course will show you how to create a brand identity (and a business!) that is:

Easy to update and repurpose
Able & ready to grow with you

Efficient to manage & update


Sufficient to give you the authority to launch your business within the week, and ring in your first $1,000 of sales

These processes are the exact processes I work through for my clients, all in an easy-to-follow video format where you'll be looking over my shoulder, with lessons designed to make this simple to do on your own.

Hang on a sec...

I have questions =)

Why is brand identity important?

Basic reporting and analytics
Limited number of users
Basic customer support
Standard functionality

Who will benefit from this course?

Your brand identity tells the story of your products and services, and communicates your values and what sets you apart before a prospect even reads a word.

Brand identity is about communication. It’s the first impression of how you communicate:
1. What your company does
2. What your company values
3. What sets your products and services apart

First impressions matter, and your brand identity ensures you appear cohesive, authoritative, polished and competent as soon as someone finds out about your company.

How will this course expedite my business launch?

When you’ve finished the course, you’ll have all the assets you need to give you the authority and professional polish to make your first $1,000 in sales.

It’ll give you the confidence you need to put your idea out there, and the polish you need to attract customers.

Can I learn graphic design and marketing from this course?

You’ll learn the basics and a practical, hands-on approach, but this is not a general course about graphic design, marketing, or other more advanced or theoretical strategies.

How soon can I launch my business after taking this course?

Most of our students launch within a week. You’ll create your brand identity elements within a weekend, and most like to sit with it and tweak it for 2-4 days afterward. On average by Day 6 (Thursday, assuming you start the course Saturday), you’ll feel confident and ready to launch!

Why is visual storytelling integral to developing brand identity?

Because it’s the best! Storytelling is practical, universal, fun, and frees you. Once we dive into the course, you’ll realize how quick and easy visual storytelling makes it to get your ideas out of your head and onto a page / screen.

How much time can I save by enrolling in this course?

In my web development business, most of my clients wind up spending 3-6 weeks of time and money to hash out their brand identity, going through rounds and rounds of revisions. Sometimes they’ve also spent thousands of dollars on fancy PowerPoints or PDFs that display their new brand identity materials in beautiful ways, but provide no useful information whatsoever for when it comes to expanding their brand identity into web design and development.

Both the time spent and the fancy display materials are completely unnecessary. Brand identity design is something that you can do for yourself in a weekend, and your materials will be on par with the top 20% of my clients. They’ll be correctly formatted, visually pleasing, and optimized for web display.

In this class I’ll also walk you through exactly what you’ll need to present to your web designer and/or web developer so that they can best serve you, no fancy PowerPoint layouts or PDFs needed.

Do I need design skills to be good at this?

Nope! I’ll show you what you need to know to cultivate “taste” and measure that what you’re creating is on the right track.

I’m not good at technology, will that hold me back in this course?

As long as you know how to surf the internet and use a program like Microsoft Word or send an email, you have all the skills you need, and we’ll show you the rest. This course makes it incredibly easy to follow along, and you'll have fun and try new things in the process.

Ready to get started?

Let's get your business ready for launch, this weekend.