Making Your Server Your Best Friend

Maximize Your Cloud-Based Website's Potential

Unlock the potential of your cloud-based website with this practical, step-by-step workshop. Your server isn't just a tool; it's your ally. Our mission is to empower you to harness your server's capabilities. By mastering the basics of server management, you'll be able to leverage your website for business growth.

Nimble Technology courses - Make Your Server Your Best Friend with Hannah Smythe Meyers

By the end of this course, you'll know how to...

Reset your server if it ever goes down

Enhance user experience and conversions by maintaining website availability

Cut Costs

Know how to assess what you actually need from your hosting package versus what you don't

Save Time And Avoid Stress

You'll never again need to waste 45 minutes - 2 hours on the phone with customer service to troubleshoot problems you know how to fix yourself in 2-10 minutes

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Who Can Benefit from This Course?

Business Owners & Admin Staff

Gain full control over your website, utilize cloud computing's cost-effective features, and fortify your web presence


Learn Amazon Web Services and cloud computing to create high-quality websites for yourself or clients


Understand cloud computing's benefits and how Amazon Web Services' features can transform small-to-medium businesses.

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About The Creator

I’m Hannah Smythe Meyers, the creator of Brand Identity In A Weekend. With 6 years of running an international web design & development agency, I'm committed to simplifying complex tech concepts. My goal is to provide you with straightforward techniques you can leverage to make the next steps in building your website, sales, marketing & advertising strategies So. Much. Smoother.

Course Details

Running a web-based business demands delivering exceptional user experiences through your website. Your server is the engine driving it all. Still, it’s easy to feel like servers are a mystery. Shrouded in tech-y language, the very idea of working with your server can make you feel dread. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s all about following proven processes and easy recipes that will help you take control of your server and put it to work better meeting your business needs. And most importantly, it’s about feeling confident managing every aspect of your website, so that you know you have control and won’t have to depend on anyone else, even a web developer or customer support, for help.

The end goal is to make you feel confident, empowered, curious and in control of your website! This course addresses all this and more. We’ll make sure you’re no longer missing out on crucial tools that will empower you in your business and help streamline your business processes.

You'll learn how to...

Quickly set up a free server (a $96/year value) to allow yourself to try new business or website ideas (Lesson 2)
Restart your server yourself should it ever happen to crash (Lesson 7)
Reduce storage costs to less than $1/month by storing PDFs, video files, website backups, and other large files in AWS S3 (Lesson 5)

Dramatically speed up how quickly videos and high-resolution photos can load in your site (Lesson 5)


Set up automatic daily or weekly backups with 1-click restore for your website, so you'll be protected just in case (Lesson 3)


Prepare for higher-than-usual traffic by temporarily scaling up your server, so your website won't slow down or crash during its moment in the spotlight (Lesson 6)


Procure a free, lifetime SSL certificate (an $830 value over 10 years) to enhance the security and SEO of your websites (Lesson 10)

These processes are the exact processes I share with my clients, all in an easy-to-follow video format where you'll be looking over my shoulder, with lessons designed to make this simple to do on your own.

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Your server can become your closest ally. Learn to manage it with confidence, working together to grow your business.