Website Storytelling Magic

Be the author of your own company.

The most successful websites have their founders write the first draft. This workshop, designed for business owners and founders, will walk you through how to write the 8 essential pages you need to write to get started.

Nimble Technology courses - Website Storytelling Magic with Hannah Smythe Meyers
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Take your vision out of your head, and onto the page.

Learn how to communicate your idea with clarity

When you’re starting a new company, no one knows your vision for your products, services and goals better than you do. That’s why it’s so important that you’re able to articulate them in print, so that you can take your vision out of your head and put it on screen. This workshop will give you the tools.

Answer the questions you need to stop holding yourself back

Even if you don’t consider yourself a good writer, or if the language you’re writing your website in is not your native language, the first draft should come from you (you can always hire a copyeditor to polish it).

Let me guide you through it

I’ll provide you a list of the exact sections you need to write for each page, and we’ll discuss tips and strategies for breaking through writer’s block and banging out the copy you need to get started.

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About The Creator

I’m Hannah Smythe Meyers, the creator of Brand Identity In A Weekend. After running an international web design & development agency for 6 years, I created this course to empower you to bring your business vision to life through effective storytelling. You can leverage these skills to make the next steps in building your website, sales, marketing & advertising strategies So. Much. Smoother.

Course Overview

Your written content is the backbone of your website. There are no substitutes for taking the time to write it. By the end of the workshop, you'll be equipped with the crucial building blocks to connect and communicate with your audience:

Craft compelling content for each essential page

With in-depth guides and questions that lead you through what to answer and where to say it

Overcome the challenges of writer's block

Express your brand's values, offerings, and objectives with clarity

Establish a solid foundation for web design & development

This workshop reveals why it's critical to write your content before diving into web design

Hang on a sec...

I have questions =)

What happens when you try to build a website without having your copy in place?

Without website copy prepared, website design & development projects tend to run into delays. Your web designers and developers can’t prepare their best work to showcase your content, because changes in the planned text length can dramatically change whether a planned website layout actually suits your content or not.

What happens when you take the time to write your first draft?

You invaluably refine your business idea, and get a website that’s:

1. Able & ready to grow with you
2. Efficient to manage & update
3. Able to serve your needs until you’ve reached a new level in your business, and easy to adapt then

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