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We build websites that will help you resonate with your target audience, communicate the story of your products and services, and streamline your tech, marketing and admin processes.

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Custom Design
Fully Responsive
Optimized for Speed
Enhanced Security
Built to Scale
Search Engine Optimization
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What Sets Us Apart

Websites designed with the future in mind

Tailored, Responsive Design

Seamless display across desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices

User-Focused Design

Gorgeous, streamlined systems and user interfaces for your team and visitors

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Flexible & Easy to Manage and Update

Ready to grow with you, and avoiding fads that will date you

Built for the "4 S's"

Speed, Security, Scalability and SEO


Saving you time and money

We deliver more than just websites. We offer a seamless experience that will optimize your operations and save you significant amounts of time and money as you grow your business.

Transparent Project Management

We manage the project from end-to-end, ensuring transparency, efficiency and smooth delivery.

Easy & Efficient Commenting System

Leave detailed feedback on your site, allowing us to tailor it to you with ease.

Optimize Your Operations,
Save Time and Money

Streamline your tech, marketing and admin processes to an average of 2-10 minutes per workflow, reducing operation costs and friction between idea and implementation.

Empowering, Personalized Video  Tutorials

Custom video tutorials walk you through how to manage and update your website, transforming it from something you have to a tool you use to fuel business growth.


What's Included With Each Website​

Seamless Creative Pipeline

We manage the project from end-to-end, ensuring transparency, efficiency and smooth delivery.

Search Engine Optimization

Clean construction, sleek design, and copyediting to optimize your search engine rankings.

Strategic Design & Development

Strategic planning for speed, security, scalability, SEO, and simplified maintenance

Comprehensive Security

Tailored security measures for robust protection

Media File Optimization & SEO

Maximize SEO and loading times with optimized images and videos ($720 value)

Seamless Email Integration

Incorporate a custom contact form linked directly to your email

Spam Defense

RECAPTCHA v3 integration to prevent spam through contact forms

Effortless Backups

Automated daily or weekly backups with one-click restoration

Enhanced Search Engine Presence

Accelerate indexing on Google with sitemap generation & submission

Ecommerce Ready

Primed for seamless integration with an online shop and payment gateway

Online Course Ready

Constructed for smooth incorporation of online courses, cart, student management, and LMS

Multilingual Capabilities

Custom, culturally-attuned translations available for various languages including Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Russian, Kyrgyz, and Turkish. Other languages upon request.


Customer feedback that speaks for Itself

Testimonials avatarTestimonials avatarTestimonials avatarTestimonials avatar
+141 reviews

Elaine H.

Video Coach

"I couldn’t be happier to have found Nimble. They are consummate professionals and wonderful collaborators. So respectful of their client’s needs and vision and truly wanting to bring their vision to life."

Alex P.

SVP, Financial Services

"Nimble did a great job for us from beginning to end. They were helpful in developing the design for the website and were informative and helpful every step of the way. Hannah was particularly helpful with all of the small but necessary details involved with adding the fine touches on a website in the final stages. Great job all around."

Wes F.

Software Developer

"I've hired developers around the world. Nimble's attention to detail stood out. The work was done thoroughly and sprinkled in with some thoughtful "above and beyond" items that made our project even better than I expected. They met the budget, the timeline, and was able to do better work than I had scoped. What more could you ask for?"

William R.

Sales & Marketing Manager

"We needed a new website built from scratch. Nimble exceeded our expectations during every step of the process. They had great ideas and their communication is topnotch. We gave them a few ideas/samples of what we wanted and they drove it home. I’m so happy to have found this excellent company and look forward to working with them again."

Suzanne C.


"Nimble is creative, dependable, flexible and extremely easy to work with. They suggested things I didn't even know I needed and made my website not only a work of beauty, but a secure, highly functional place to show off my brand. Extremely pleased!"

Russ R.

Founder, Artificial Intelligence Startup

"Nimble was an absolute delight to work with - they were extremely responsive and worked hard to make sure we met a tight client deadline."

Deena M.

Director of Marketing & Special Events

"Working with Nimble was awesome! They are very knowledgeable and I trust them 100%. We completed one site and have 4 more to do. I highly recommend them. We LOVE our new website!!"

Sydney C.

Product Manager

"Nimble did a great job! The website they produced far exceed the agreed upon contract price. They used an awesome program where I was able to leave comments and they were able to make edits to my site in real time. They produced a training video at the end to help me update my own site once their work was done. I would definitely recommend Nimble."

Corey G.

Chief Marketing Manager

"It was effortless working with Nimble. Once I handed off my guidelines, they took the project and ran with it. I have a few other projects in the works and I'll definitely be reaching out to Nimble to handle them."

Scott B.

Sr. Web Developer

"Nimble saved a failing project that was months behind schedule and helped us bring order to chaos. They worked extremely well with both technical and non-technical staff, tolerating repeated and sometimes contradictory requests for changes. They were very patient and took the time to explain things in detail. They also put together several helpful reference guides we can use in the future."

Dave M.

Nonprofit Board Member

"Nimble's work was exemplary and their interaction with my team was superb. They went above and beyond my expectations for a relatively small project, providing insight, advice, documentation, and training. Their skills are top-notch and their responsiveness to questions and change requests was quick. I would hire them again in a heartbeat."

Sandra C.

Head of Product

"Nimble did an awesome job fixing several issues with our website. They also went above and beyond to explain different technical aspects that I was having trouble with! Thanks for the help!"

Special Features

Special Features for Industry-Specific Websites

For e-Commerce

Efficiently manage products: Save time and ensure accuracy by uploading or updating products through spreadsheets.
Inventory Management: Effortlessly monitor stock levels. View low or out-of-stock products and track general stock totals directly from your website.
Centralized Order Management: Streamline operations with an all-in-one dashboard to view and manage orders. Access order details, customer information, payment status, and more.
Flexible Coupon Creation: Boost sales with customizable coupon codes. Promote products, offer discounts for first-time buyers, or provide seasonal and holiday promotions.
Integration-Ready Coupon Distribution: Connect with email services like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit to send automated coupons, including birthday offers, to subscribers.
Interactive Earnings Reports: Access dynamic dashboards for in-depth earnings analysis. Compare sales over time, track by date, product, and category, and monitor coupon usage.
Customer Insights & Communication: Maintain a customer database with order history. Complying with GDPR, engage opt-in subscribers with updates, product news, and loyalty-boosting coupon codes.

For Online Course Providers

Upsell Courses: Boost your revenue by enticing learners with advanced or supplementary courses, streamlining sales operations and delivering added value.
Course Bundling: Create comprehensive learning paths by bundling individual courses together. Maximize revenue while providing students with a cohesive learning journey.
Gamify Courses: Keep learners engaged and motivated with badges, points, and gamification elements that celebrate their achievements.
Discounts & Coupons: Manage discounts and coupons effortlessly through a user-friendly dashboard, enhancing your ability to attract and retain learners.

For Service Providers: Online Booking & Scheduling

Streamlined Booking: Empower clients to find and book appointments at their convenience through user-friendly and responsive scheduling forms. 
Upsell opportunities: Maximize revenue by offering optional extras during the booking process, allowing clients to customize their service package.
Effortless Management: Manage your bookings seamlessly with an intuitive interface, keeping track of appointments and client details effortlessly.
Secure Payment Processing: Collect payments or deposits upfront through credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, or your preferred payment processor, providing clients with a seamless and secure payment experience.

For Nonprofits: Donations Forms that **won't slow down your site**

Say goodbye to buggy software and hidden fees. Our nonprofit solutions are designed to be clean, simple, and efficient. We connect your site with powerful features including:
Secure Payment Options: Accept payments through credit cards, PayPal, or direct bank transfer, saving fees for larger donations. We'll guide you on setting up free Stripe and PayPal accounts for seamless transactions.
Flexible Donation Types: Allow donors to choose between one-time or monthly recurring donations, giving them the freedom to support your cause in their preferred way.
Optimized Performance: Our donation forms follow The Nimble Method℠, ensuring they're user-friendly and won't compromise your website's speed or security. Say goodbye to slowdowns and hello to seamless donations.
 Clients at conferenceSaaS dynamic dashboard

Fair Pricing & Reliable Delivery Times

For websites 1-20 pages, save time and money with our bundled rates:

Done-Right Starter Website

1-5 pages + Privacy Policy | Ideal for: Those looking to get started with a website built to last over time

Turnaround Time: 2 Weeks
Build Quality: Advanced
SEO Features: Intermediate - Advanced
Includes starter copy
1.5 Rounds of Thorough Quality Assurance
Bonus: Includes text-based logo and professionally designed color palette

Express Website

5-9 pages | Ideal for: Those seeking an impressive website on a swift timeline

Turnaround Time: 3 Weeks
Build Quality: Advanced
SEO Features: Intermediate - Advanced
Unlimited comments within timeframe
1.5 Rounds of Thorough Quality Assurance
Includes Privacy Policy & Payment Gateway or Scheduling Integration

Standard Website

10-15 pages | Ideal for: A comprehensive build with expert guidance

Turnaround Time: 4 Weeks
Build Quality: Advanced - Expert
SEO Features: Advanced
Unlimited comments within timeframe
2 Rounds of Thorough Quality Assurance
Includes Privacy Policy & Payment Gateway or Scheduling Integration

Advanced Website

20 pages | Ideal for: Premium SaaS-style design with weekly check-ins

Turnaround Time: 5 weeks
Build Quality: Expert
SEO Features: Advanced
Unlimited comments within timeframe
3 Rounds of Thorough Quality Assurance
Includes Privacy Policy, Payment Gateway or Scheduling Integration, and Comprehensive, High-Touch Project Management

Business Transformation for Established Companies

Typically 30-75 pages | Ideal for: Established companies looking to transform their websites

Streamline your tech, marketing and admin processes to an average of 2-10 minutes per workflow
Save time and money with easy-to-follow processes that allow admins or interns to handle your tech in minutes

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